About the company

BUŠEK s.r.o. was established as a sole proprietorship in 1996. We were initially manufacturing plastic products only. The company gradually developed plastic welding technologies, such as sheet welding, bending, and extruding machines.

Since 2007, the company is a legal entity and apart from manufacturing plastic welding rods and recycling plastics, and we currently also manufacture and service welding equipment. We also supply spare parts and accessories for this equipment.

We currently supply plastic rods and welding equipment to most of the leading manufacturers of swimming pools, tanks, septic tanks, reservoirs, and many other plastic products. In addition to the Czech Republic, we continuously expand operations both in the neighbouring countries, as well as in the rest of the European, Asian, and other markets.

We take pride in the precision of the shop design, high quality of the materials used, and mainly in the satisfaction of customers who keep returning to us in the long-term.

The welding equipment from Bušek s.r.o. excels by its long service life, reliability, and maximum welding quality, which is guaranteed by top Omron regulation and control electronics.