Extruder PW2

It is used for welding of polypropylene and polyethylene plastics with the help of an additional material.
The device consists of the following parts: drive unit, melting chamber with screw and welding wire feed, hot air blower, control electronics.
The welding principle is similar to a hot-air gun welding, the material we first weld is preheated by a hot air blower, and then a certain amount of melt is applied to the desired shape by a Teflon welding shoe. The device is electronically controlled by P.I.D. high-level regulators. They control the temperature of the melting chamber and the temperature of the preheating air. The welding device has the following advantages: Reduced workload, human factor is minimized so that 100% welding does not require multiple brazing of larger products, the drive can not be started when the unit is heated up, there is no need for additional equipment, external air supply and some other blower, as it is already part of the device. Only single-phase mains voltage 230V with 10A fuse is required for operation.
As an additional welding material, welding wire of the same material as welded plastic is used. The wire has a diameter of 4mm and the maximum power of the welder when using a wire of 4mm diameter is 2 Kg / h, which is advantageous for smaller products and less accessible welds.
This wire is fully melted and receives a new shape using a teflon shoe, which is a part of the delivery and can be customized according to customer requirements.


Integrated blower with electronically controlled air temperature yes
Electronically controlled temperature of the material (melt) yes
Target setting for air and material heating yes
Cold start protection (start and temperature protection) yes
Monitoring the preset target temperature of the extruder heater with the engine stop function if the yes
Easily replaceable PTFE welding shoe yes



Production Pools, tanks, reservoirs for buildings, gardens, food wine drums and other food boxes, retention tan
Materials PP, PE-HD, PE 80, PE 100, and other weldable thermoplastic material.


Technical Data

Average weld. wire 4 mm
Max. performance 2 Kg/h
Thickness of the weld. mat. 5-15 mm
Max. size of welding edge 15/15 mm
Types of material PP, PE
Weight 6,5 Kg
Power consumption 2 500 W



2 pcs welding shoe for corner welding yes