Plastic Bender PWO 2000

It is used for bending of plastic sheets of PP, PE, PVC, PMMA, ABS, PS.The bender consists of two interconnected tables that can be separated from each other if necessary. One table is designed as a heating and the other as a bending, the stroke of the heating strip and the bending of the bending jaw is carried out by means of pneumatic cylinders. The two tables are placed on wheels for easy handling and can be locked against movement after setting. The electric and pneumatic switchgear is located on the heating table, it is possible to set the temperatures of the lower and upper heating strips, the heating time, pressures in the pressure and heating bars, the stroke speed of the cylinders, the distance of the heating elements from the heated material. In the clamping blade of the bending jaw there is a valve for connecting a pressure air hose for the needs of additional cooling. The adjustment is very simple and the electrical control is via the GEFRAN microprocessor controllers, the tire is electrically controlled.

The bending machine is made on the basis of long-term experience and meets the more demanding requirements for functionality. For the operation of the bending machine, it is necessary to have a separate air source not included in the delivery. This air source should be able to supply 2m3 / hr at a pressure of 0.6MPa. The electrical connection is 3 × 400 V.

Technical Data

Thickness of the weld. mat. 2 – 15 mm
Weight 460 Kg
Size 1000 x 2000 x 2400 mm
Voltage/Power consumption 400V /50 Hz /6000W
Maximum length of the weld 2000 mm
Required working pressure 2m3/h při tlaku 0,6 MPa
Length of the cable 15 m