Welding machine with manual operation

The welding machine is designed for the welding of polypropylene and polyethylene sheet materials. It comes with a maximum welding length of 2050mm. The welding machine is made to be mobile, which is convenient for use in the field but also has a rigid and precise construction. All welding is done manually and only one-phase 230 V voltage with 16A fuse is required for operation. The welding strip is coated with Teflon foil which prevents the material from sticking and thus increases the quality of the resulting weld. The required temperature control is achieved with the Omron PID controller, which maintains the preset temperature. The welding machine consists of a support frame into which clamping vices are fixed, one fixed and one movable. Between these vices a welding bar is inserted during welding. The clamping vices are designed so that the welded shells of the circular containers can be removed comfortably and quickly. In addition, the machine has the following advantages: the strength of welding in a good design is higher than with gun welding, less amount of generated waste, after the cut is almost invisible weld, easy to handle and maintenance. All these properties predict the welding for both workshop and external use.

Technical Data

Voltage/Power consumption 230V /50 Hz /3000W
Thickness of the weld. mat. 3 – 15 mm
Weight 190 Kg
Size 670 x 530 x 2620 mm
Maximum length of the weld 2 050 mm
Length of the cable 15 m