Hot air gun LST 1600

The LST 1600 Hot Air Gun is a novelty on the Czech market. With its construction and performance it also manages more challenging tasks. It serves for stitching, welding, heating and activating thermoplastic materials or substances changing their structure or properties due to the direct flow of hot air. The spectrum of use is very wide – from waterproofing the foundations of buildings, roofs to the entire production industry in the field of plastics – sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, septic tanks, reservoirs, pools, auto-plastics and others.

Technical Data

Weight 1,5 Kg
Size 350 x 100 mm
Voltage/Power consumption 230V /50 Hz /1600W
Length of the cable 3 m
Air Flow 180 l/min
Adjustable temperature range 20-600°C
Dynamic pressure 2600Pa